Gemstones and crystals have been part of our heritage and culture and have a constant relationship with energies, renowned for their healing powers to the body. Some people shop gemstone for its beauty, others for its uniqueness whereas some are drawn to it. Gemstones are a rage among women for their color, depth and craft but they are even more when it comes to rejuvenating the body and mind. A lot of people incorporate gemstones into their jewellery to benefit from its therapeutic effect on the body and mind. The right gemstone can ward off negative energies and vitalize the whole body. There are gemstones aplenty, each with different properties and complimenting each personality. Your star sign decides your choice of birthstone.

Crystals are traditionally used for helping the body in different ways. The first being, carrying it along to ensure proximity to the energy source. Next is exposure of crystal to cleanse an area off bad energies and another one is to consume the elixir, which is the potion soaked in certain crystals. Of course, the last one would require the consultation of an expert, so follow the steps cautiously. Let us break down the zodiac signs to figure out your perfect gem to flaunt.

Renowned for strength and endurance, willpower is your sword, and the perfect partner in your journey is the brilliant diamond. Signifying dominance and energy, along with being the symbol of innocence, it gives you the willpower to achieve goals and do your heart’s desire.

Next comes Taurus, earthy and nature-full, and for you, it is the petrified resin of trees in the wilderness, the Amber that should keep watch over. Its fire like gold-orange tinge imparts patience, high energy concentration in the body and enhances spiritual union. By this, the body calms down and self-heals.

All things feminine, intuitions, psychic abilities and beauty are Cancer. And which other than Moonstone to work up a perfect balance. Best worn during a full moon, it makes a special meditation companion.

Agate is a lovely stone, sandy and an amalgamation of a variety of colors which is a must for every Gemini. Gemini has a twin personality trait which can be balanced out by the soothing effect of this precious stone. Agate makes wonderful quirky rings.

The enticing Tourmaline, a traditional meditation tool brings serenity, happiness and well-being. Making it ideal to be worn by a Leo, who is an artist at heart. Writer’s block, inspiration hindrance are all removed by this powerful stone.

Virgo, the lady, anxious and stressed, thoughtful and emotional, let there be a wave of peace and joy in your world with a Blue sapphire. Its energy can steer away foul thoughts and give a clearer perspective of things, opening up new opportunities.

Emerald, the green queen, is the ideal mate for the Libra. It clears the soul, brings harmony in relationships, finds friendships and leads on to the truth of life. Emerald pendants and earrings are an excellent choice for the same.

Scorpio and the ocean have a deep-rooted relationship making Aquamarine the ideal stone for them. Emotional trauma and insecurity and the pull of dark forces constantly haunt the Scorpio, and our gemstone rectifies this unstable state of mind to promote wellness.

Pisceans finds Amethyst its truest match due to its property of being a natural tranquillizer. It brings down anxiety and enhances the psychic abilities of the wearer. Amethyst is potent to repel bad vibrations which cause unrest and grief.

The people of this star sign tend to be melancholic and shy away from the public but hey are hardworking and trustworthy. To impart hem strength, stamina and good will, the presence of Ruby is essential. The red stone makes for elegant necklaces and rings, and are effortless to carry.

A traditionally important stone is Turquoise, its light blue tone is a constant in many cultures. Arabs are sure to flaunt at least a piece of turquoise on them. This very well shows the abilities of this precious stone enhancing sensitivity, calmness and peace. So armed with your gemstone knowledge, walk into your favorite jeweller and get the perfect ornament for your well-being and harmony!

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