Amber Stone


A fossilized tree resin, usually presented as a gemstone, amber has always been one of the most beautiful ornamental stones in the world. One of the most common misconceptions about amber is that it is made of tree sap.

In reality, it’s not. Tree resin and tree sap are two completely different things. Tree resin is the hydrocarbon secretion of trees, and its fossilized form is known as resinite.

From ancient times amber is believed to have healing powers. It is mostly found on the shores of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The leading source of amber in the world is presently the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia which replaced the position of the Samland coast west of Königsberg in Prussia. Baltic amber is the most valuable amber in the world.

Amber is naturally available in 6 different colours and around 25 shades. Let’s have a look at the various coloured ambers.

  • Yellow Amber – Around 70% of ambers typically appear in this yellow (yellowish- orange) colour, especially the Baltic Sea amber. Depending on the gas bubbles in it, the amber may appear in lighter or darker yellow shades. Yellow amber represents purity and harmony.
  • White Amber – Only 1- 2% naturally available amber is white, which makes it very rare to find. Hence, usually, these are not chemically treated and are used in its original form as such. White ambers are believed to give positive effects on health and are also related to spirituality.
  • Red Amber – Also known as Cherry, these types of ambers are very rare that only 2-3% belong to this colour category. In most cases, these are made by exposing amber to high temperatures. It symbolizes love and passion.
  • Blue Amber – This unique amber is considered to be one of those rarely available ones since only 0.2% of them are blue. Its true colours are revealed only when looked under good lighting, otherwise, they appear in yellowish-brown colour. It has divine powers such as controlling air, water, fire, and for the same reason, this is used by high priests.
  • Green Amber – About 2% of natural ambers are green in colour. This amber is made by heating yellow coloured amber. Hence, it is comparatively cheaper in the market. Normally, these are recommended to people having health issues and also for those who are trying to find balance in life.
  • Black Amber – Black amber is not black, but it is dark red or brown. It is not fully fossilized resin; it is formed when the tree resin is mixed with soil and other impurities. Known for its elegant appearance, it is one of the most popular types of ambers.

Amber is hard and non-toxic. Since there are many fake stones available, there are some standardized methods that are being used to find genuine amber gems. Floating test, electrostatic charging, got pin test, scratching test etc. are some of them. Experts can identify authentic ones through checking smelling, tasting or even through observing under fluorescent light.

Wearing amber not only makes the wearer gorgeous but also protects them from negative energy. Really, it feels great to wear something that dates back to 40 million years!!!