The classic solitaire ring featuring only a single diamond is a beautiful piece of jewellery that has been a top choice in the fashion world for centuries. This simple yet stylish piece of jewellery is considered to be the perfect engagement ring by couples all around the world, representing long-lasting love.

In this ring, the solitary stone is set in a three, four or six-prong setting. Choosing the perfect stone will make it even more beautiful. The collate used to attach the stone defines the style of this band

If we take a look at history, we can see that these rings have been used as a symbol of the pledge of marriage for ages. Traces of rings being used in marriage can be found in ancient Egypt too. In 1477 Archduke Maximillian is said to have proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring, and it is documented to be the first time a diamond ring was given. But it was only during the Victorian era that these solitaire rings became more popular as wedding rings.

The versatile nature of a solitaire band makes it even more appealing. For every person – be it a heavy jewellery lover or someone who likes to keep it simple – there is a classic solitaire ring to suit each taste. There is a wide range of solitaire ring available, and you can choose your unique one depending on attributes like the shape of the diamond used – pear, oval, emerald, heart, radiant and the like, the setting of the ring etc.

Being a ‘classic’ style, the designers also often like to stick to the original style most of the time. However, they are also being subjected to modern design experiments like any other jewellery piece. A modern offset bezel setting is an example of this.

Regardless of the type of changes being made, this timeless piece of jewellery will always remain a symbol of eternal love.

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