1. The gold price in Pakistan is set daily and displayed prominently which creates a more transparent trading process and allows everyone to clearly see what the gold rate is today.
  2. Fazal Jewellers follows the local Srafa Association published rate,”i.e. Liberty Srafa And Gems Association Lahore.
  3. Price maybe vary by date.
  4. Our standard T&C maybe apply.
  5. The daily Gold rate also applies to the rest of the country, however, the rate per gram may differ which ultimately alters the gold price you will finally pay.
  6. The price of gold varies depending on the market that it is being traded in and on the purity of the gold itself.
  7. 24 K gold is the purest form of gold available meaning all 24 parts that make up the gold are 100% gold. 22 K, 21 K and 18 K gold have 22, 21 and 18 parts of pure gold respectively with the balance being made up of other metals. This alters the price of the gold as well as its chemical composition and tensile strength. 21 K gold is most commonly used for jewellery making. Gold is also available in lesser karats but these are not as common.
  8. Gold is a widely traded commodity with London Gold Fixing responsible for setting the daily gold price as a benchmark for trading.