Does eclectic define your style? Are you a choosy person when it comes to your jewellery, that the usual is not good enough fr you. For the seeker of fine jewellery, of the latest and the most happening, the exclusive of the world of ornaments; meet your match, the Aquamarine. We have seldom heard of it, we have a clue what it looks like, but not a kind of jewel that has taken us by storm. But this gem is one known for its subdued minimal colour but brilliant glow. Aquamarine is marked by its cool breezy, beach vibe, blue hue, making it the perfect understated accessory. The stone can range from a light blue to a greenish tinted teal, with such sparkle and clarity, it is a beloved jewellery centrepiece.
Aquamarine, like emerald is from the beryl family of minerals. Beryl is by itself transparent and colourless but the presence of impurities add colours to this gem, which here is iron ions that impart the luscious pale blue tint. Dissect the word and it means ‘sea water’, that makes the perfect description of the gem. Aquamarine is also known as ‘Beruj’ in some parts.

Where is it found?

This blue gem is mostly mined from Brazil, along with Tanzania, Kenya and even the United States of America. They have a vicinity to high mountain peaks and are found extensively in the Karakoram peaks of Pakistan, mined at 15000 feet, and also regions of Myanmar.


Unlike other precious gems, this one falls in the more affordable range and do not burn deep holes in your pocket to flaunt one. They have been found in large quantities as a single mass from which stones of desired carat are cut out. The speciality with this beauty is that unlike emeralds, that share the same family name, but are heavily lade with imperfections that it becomes its trademark, aquamarines have very little flaws and large carats with impeccable clarity can be harvested making them gems to treasure. The low frequency of impurities and inclusions make them shine with brilliance and rectangular cuts look absolutely fantastic on these.
The gem has a tendency to fade with exposure to sunlight but can be synthetically irradiated to enhance its colour. This procedure is long lasting and does not tamper with the quality of the stone. The blue stone is also harder than most precious stones and can take daily wear and tear quite well but larger stones can develop cracks if hit too hard.
Buyers have to exercise caution when chosing an aquamarine as dupes in the form of the cheaper lighter shades of topaz can as well pass on as aquamarine. So be sure to buy your gemstone from a trusted dealer. But you can almost be sure that your aquamarine is genuine or natural, to say so, as synthetic varieties are highly expensive to manufacture. What a relief!

Healing powers
March borns, here is your birthstone.
Aquamarines have a long history of being associated with the sea and water, the life giving element of the Earth.
The stone is known for its property to soothe the uneasy heart and the loneliness of life.
It is the stone of seafarers and sailors and is worshipped by them and others at home to keep their spirits alive during their time n the turbulent oceans. Like the waters, aquamarines are known to encourage bravery, strength and valour.
The stone is known to be a mermaids treasure and legends says they hid aquamarines at the depths of the oceans. The stone therefore has rejuvenating and cleansing effect on the skin. Who wouldn’t love youthful vibrant skin and this gem does exactly that.
Aquamarines are believed to have the aura to restore balance and tranquillity to relationships and spaces where it is placed.
It also assists in processing grief and loss and helps bring down anger and dejection. Its rich blue and green shade makes it the stone of the heart and throat chakra. The ideal kind of jewellery to wear it on is a pendant or ring so that the stone is always in the vicinity and in touch with the wearer.
The stone is also a compliment attractor so, don’t think twice if you are looking for appreciations to come your way, let the aquamarine do the job for you.
Along with being the stone to celebrate the 19th wedding anniversary, the gem is known for its powers to secure and bring happiness to marriages, particularly when it is a gift from the husband to the wife.


Wondering what the largest aquamarine is to be mined? Believe it when I say it is a gigantic 110kilo and a 19 inch log. Some very peculiar aquamarines grow into prismatic crystals with six sides and are extremely beautiful.
In using in jewellery, aquamarines are known to take cuts and faceting very well. They give off exceptional shine and lustre that sparkles brilliantly than other stones.
Aquamarine jewellery is very unique and classy chic style is what it is. The designs are very minimal and striking with large centrepiece of the stone.


Cocktail evenings and breezy summer parties deserve the blue gem for sure. While the world goes haywire about rubies and emeralds that we have had enough of, turn some heads with this subtle gem in blue.
Flowy summer dresses and beach drapes make the perfect canvas to dress up the aquamarine. Pendants in heart shape, classic square cut and rectangular faceted pieces set on gold or platinum, which is even better are sure fire hits. Lighter sparkly gems look most appealing when combined with shades of silver or chrome, so it makes best ornaments on metals like platinum, silver or even white gold.
The aquamarine stone is highlight and uplifted when surrounded by round cut brilliant diamond which adds lustre and completion to this stone pendant. Elegant choker necklaces with bolder aqua stones with platinum beads in between are killer statements in your jewellery. Super stylish ladies, aquamarine bead necklace maybe, in long classic beads are as cool as the Moldavian waters.


Oh, how can we stop adoring these mesmerizing beauties? As the stone is high on lustre and brilliance, rings with this gem are irreplaceably stunning. Set in platinum base or gold, the square cut rings are classic coloured jewel.
Since the gem is budget friendly, you can go for larger sizes that are the epitome of elegance. They shine through night and day with a subtle sparkle and a bleed blue tint.
Experimenting with cuts and facets are perfect for this stone, you can try a combinations of cuts on a single ring with a cluster of stones to bring out the elegance of this stone. Brilliant cut Diamonds in a glittery border and with floral aesthetic can be a great background for this blue stone and make this one more eye catching on our skin tone.


Petite and precious are what the dainty aquamarine ear accessories are. From simple round cut earrings that can easily be daily wear dazzlers to prominent sizes in the most fabulous cuts can be show stealers. Abstract drop earrings in silver and platinum with perfectly glazed transparent aquamarines are straight out of fashion runways.
Experiment with coloured gems of ruby and emerald for added flair to your ear game. Rustic style oxidise aquamarine earrings have a touch of English legends to them and are a striking vintage piece to your summer time wedding detail.
You can also find detailed worked aquamarine stones in plenty in many a design set on high sparkle earrings that make a match to traditional jewellery as well. If you are looking for sparkle, lustre and sky high lights, this is the stone to look out for.

How to wear them?

Aquamarine jewellery are a niche in the gold market that is flooded with other precious stones. If your heart shouts out different, graceful and elegant, then you are an aquamarine fan. Brides take note, if you are having a beach wedding or a destination wedding, which is much better, your jewellery needs to be minimal yet dazzling enough to catch the setting sun. Christian brides can embellish their pristine white gowns with a tint of blue to match the ocean with a stunning aquamarine choker necklace. As they say, on your wedding day, wear something new, something old, and something blue, There you have it. A statement chunky aquamarine ring can perfectly complement bare hands and minimal neck pieces. You don’t need to wait to be a bride to don an aquamarine. Floral and flowy dresses go perfectly with an aquamarine pendant or bracelet. Bringing out your pastels and solid colours this season, pair them up with an effortless blue earring and you should be good to go. Traditional ladies, we are not leaving you out. Pair your royal blue kancheevaram sarees with delicate worked aquamarine earrings and necklaces. They mimic diamonds with their shine but are not so ‘in your face’ with the blue colour, just right to draw the crowd to your ornaments. Add a bit of jazz to the look with dangler blue earrings with pearl droppings to give a regal and feminine edge.
Aquamarines are the answer to everyday jewellery as it is to rule breaking wedding treasures. Experimenting is the essence of life and beauty is all the more reason to play around with this blue ocean spirit of a gem!