black diamond Stones


Black diamonds, granted, don’t exactly sparkle with your every move like white diamonds, but they are pretty intense and mysteriously fascinating in their own unique way. Perhaps they are even the most beautiful of all the diamonds.

They are black because of the higher levels of graphite content, and the pure ones possess a 98% light absorption capacity giving them a unique lustre that seems to emanate from within.
Only a little is known about this ethereally beautiful stone though, and it is very rare to find.

On the flip side, black diamonds are increasingly being seen among the celebrity class of women, from Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Lawrence. And they are definitely gaining popularity in that segment. Black diamonds are also seen in engagement ringswedding bands etc. these days.

Black is the ultimate colour that symbolizes strength, certainty and passion. For the same reason, black diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are believed to express the love and commitment between life partners. They are also inexpensive when compared to white diamonds. They are pleasing to the eye when used to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. as well. In fact, wearing minimalistic jewellery made of black diamonds is the best way to increase the intensity of your style quotient.

These distinct coloured diamonds are so exclusive that they can be found in only two locations; Central Africa and Brazil. Black diamonds that were formed billions of years back are scarce.

One such famous black diamond is the Black Orlov Diamond, but unfortunately, the history of the masterpiece still remains a mystery. It is considered as the most ancient and hardest of all.

Black diamonds are also widely used in men’s jewellery. Men find black diamonds more exciting than any other gems stones because they suit the qualities of masculinity in many ways; the colour black depicts power, its texture is hard, and of course, it’s charmingly beautiful. It helps to reflect the rough and tough attitude that men crave. Black diamonds are widely used in men’s wedding bands,etc.