Gemstones are minerals that are highly prized for their beauty, durability and rarity. Gemstones have been cut and polished and used as jewellery right from ancient times.

The Blue coloured gemstones are mostly called Sapphires. The deeper blue coloured gemstones are called Kyanite, Lapiz Lazuli and Zircon.

The lighter or softer blue coloured stones are called Topaz and Aquamarine.

Sapphires are said to have healing properties and give positive energy. The Blue sapphire, in particular, is regarded as a stone important for mental focus and inner vision. It also has additional properties like the ability to attract financial abundance, ability to promote mental clarity, strengthen integrity and intuition, evoke the feeling of devotion, and help with eyesight etc. High-quality Sapphires are available in the market from places like Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, China and the USA. Cut and polished gemstones are expensive, whereas jewellery using raw or uncut blue gemstones are available at a more reasonable price.

Gemmologists assess the colour of the stone by looking at the hue, tone and saturation. All gemstones will have a secondary hue in addition to the primary one. For blue gemstones, the secondary hues are usually green and violet. A pure blue hue is desirable, and any variation from the pure blue colour is less valuable.

Its resistance to scratches can assess a gem stone’s durability. The blue gemstones are usually quite resistant to scratches, and hence, are not likely to break easily.

Some of the varieties of Blue gemstones are:

Blue Sapphire : useful for mental focus, self-discipline and order; helps to receive wisdom and wards off negative energy.

Kyanite : an aluminium silicate mineral which is often blue. It transforms energy from mind to mind.

Lapiz Lazuli : It is a gemstone comprising mainly of lazurite and calcite; it is usually royal blue and is high in energy. It activates psychic abilities and intuition.

Zircon : widely known as the energy stimulating stone.

There are many more stones like lolite, Aquamarine, Chrysocolla etc.
Blue gemstones represent serenity and tranquillity in life. They give off soothing vibes and offers profound relaxation. The ornaments commonly made of blue gemstones are rings, pendants, chains, earrings and the like.