Coral Stone Collection


In contrast to other mineral gemstones, Coral is organic, formed with the help of living organisms. Apart from the beautiful, intense solid colours found among Coral stones, they could also have colour zones or swirls, the most common ones being white, purple, orange, and red. Coral is usually dull; it needs to be polished to bring out its glassy lustre.


Red Coral Stone: A red coral stone is an excellent looking stone that appears red in colour, of course. It looks fearful and enchanting when it is worn with various kinds of jewellery items.

White Coral Stone: A white coral stone appears white in shades along with its original red colour. It also appears sort of sensitive and is mostly preferred for jewellery items such as rings, pendants, and armlets. The stone appears fairly beautiful owing to its red and white colour and attracts the attention of everyone gathered around.

The stone also has incredible brilliance and lustre, making it the best choice for a number of jewellery products.

Triangular Coral Stone : A triangular coral stone as the name suggests is typically seen in a triangular shape and is one of the most unique and best-suited stones to be incorporated in pendants.


Hold a coral gemstone in your hands for a while and feel it. If after a few minutes the stone feels warmer, then it implies that the stone is not original. Look for any scratches or insignificant inclusions in a coral gemstone, since there will usually be no scratches or inclusions in unique red coral stone. To gather some real understanding about whether your Coral is a fake or original visit a gemologist or expert on gems.


  • First, you need to always consult an astrologer before wearing the coral stone.
  • Only if he provides the advice to wear Coral, should you wear it?
  • A Coral stone’s minimum weight should be 6 Ratti.
  • Astrologers believe that a Coral stone should be purchased on a Tuesday.
  • It must be worn on Tuesdays between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • It should be worn on the right-hand ring finger after one hour of sunrise.
  • Never wear a diamond, a cat’s eye, or an emerald or sapphire with Coral.


White Coral is a gemstone that is believed to possess exceptional mending powers. It is utilized to enhance overall health and relieve any weaknesses, tensions, and the dread of the obscure and manifest strength, immune system boosting, and regeneration capacity.

Women must wear a triangular red Coral stone because wearing it will bring harmony and love in her married life. It also protects her against widowhood. Holding coral gemstone eliminates all blood-related issues. If a person has cough problems, he should wear a coral stone. It helps relieve all diseases associated with cough.

If a diabetic patient wears coral, they are believed to stay in control of their sugar level.