Infinity Gems are becoming popular in jewellery because of their fame from the movie Avengers: Infinity War.

Infinity Gems are a set of 6 stones that are considered to possess the power and capability of achieving different purposes. The stones were first mentioned in Marvel Premiere in 1972 and later in Captain Marvel.

In these, the stones were known as ‘Soul Gems’ having a different energy. The villain ‘Thanos’ was attempting to have possession of the stones and was planning to use them to extinguish all the stars in the universe.

The much-acclaimed movie and comic characters started donning the ‘soul gems’ for different purposes. These stones are rumoured to have given them invincibility and power to control challenging situations. This drove great demand among the fans of the movies and marvel comics for collecting and wearing Infinity Gems The infinity gems are considered to provide the person who wears it with superpowers to deal with challenging situations.

The six stones which have different powers have different colours also. The Marvel Legacy colour for each of the six gems and their names are Soul Gem (Orange), Time Gem (Green), Space (Blue), Mind (Yellow), Reality (Red) and Power (Purple).

The Soul gem is considered to give the user the ability to control living and dead souls. According to Marvel Legend, it also gives the ability to give motion to inanimate objects.

The Time Gem, according to legend, provides the user with the ability to see through the past, present and future. It also provides the ability to travel through time and also to control the speed of time – fast, slow or pause it.

The Space Gem, according to legend, gives the user the ability to move objects, change space, appear anywhere in space and much more.

The Mind gem gives its legendary user power over the mind of self and that of others. It enhances the mental power of the user and gives the ability to enter the dreams of other people.

The Reality Gem helps the user fulfil any wish he or she has even if their desire directly contradicts the existing scientific norms.

The Power gem gives user divisive power over all other sources of power and energy. As per Marvel Legend, it is believed to help users manipulate the durability and physical strength, providing superhuman capabilities.

The trend among teenagers and young adults to wear the infinity stones due to their die-hard star attraction to the fictional and fantasy heroes in Marvel Legacy comics and Avenger Movie series have created high demand for jewellery made from gemstones made in the colour and shape of Infinity Gems. Catching up with this trend, there is a wide variety of jewellery that help promote these stones.Necklace with the stone in them are very common. Power rings and watches studded with the Infinity Gems are the latest trends among young adults.