The city of Jaipur in Rajasthan is traditionally the most famous place for Kundan jewels. Kundan stones that are very popular in Pakistan refers to the precious stones that are appreciated globally as well. Kundan jewellery is also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri Jewellery; it is a folk variation, where you can find bright coloured glazing and drawings in the back, while the real Kundan concept is in the front.

The Kundan stone is unique, which is used to create absolute masterpieces. The art of Kundan jewellery flourished in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Today Kundan work from cities like Jaipur, Bikaner and Nathdwara is very famous and costly. Specific types of Kundan jewellery have elaborate designs on the back of the frame as well.

The Kundan Jewel is a typical jewel made with precious stones, or with coloured pieces of glass, or with sparkly gems stones, and a golden leaf, that stands between the stones and its holder. The demand for Kundan work has endured for centuries and has only increased in the last few years.

Many people tend to confuse this with other forms of ornaments. In this type of jewellery, people use glass, set in the gold.

Things to be considered before buying kundan jewellery-

  • If you bought a silver ornament and it has not changed colour after a few days, its fake. However, in the case of gold, if it does not change colour after a few weeks, it is not gold.
  • The magnet test can also help determine whether an item is original or fake. You can adjust one magnet close to the jewellery. If the ornament is attracted to the piece of magnet, it is fake.