A stone with utmost beauty and tranquility representing mother moon and bringing with it the glow of a full moon floating over the surface of a large water body is not just what a moonstone is all about. It has got much more to add its value.

The Moonstone is a stone which expresses a lot by its special characteristic features. Known as a stone for the divine feminine in many of the spiritual traditions this stone is associated with fertility. Rituals beautifully connect the Moonstone with women’s fertility cycles and with the waxing and waning of the moon. It is acknowledged for balancing hormonal and reproductive problems. It is assumed to harmonize the body with the natural lunar cycle.

Moonstone is allied with good fortune in love and business. It is believed to arouse warm spirits and the real pleasure of love. It has a lot more to add to its credit. It is believed to be an emotional stabilizer and a soother. It is a stone of inner strength and progression. It helps the wearer enhance intuition; it promotes inspiration and attainment. The serene and relaxing vigour of the Moonstone offers curing and inspiration as well. In many traditions, including the Indian culture, it is considered as a dream stone which brings beautiful visualizations at night-time. It is bound by a good deal of charm and aura.

The shimmering light emerging out of the moonstone is something that makes it very special. Incident light waves are deflected and dispersed in the stone, which gives it the radiance. The unique light effect that comes out of it makes it so much more desirable and divergent.

The Moonstone is a naturally occurring crystal which comes in various shades such as iridescent, milky white and variants of blue, pink, green, grey and brown. The stone is comparable to a mirror on which you can see your own image.

There is a wide range of difference in the price of this stone. Moonstones that are more transparent and big with intense colours are more expensive.

It has got a rate ranging from 10$ to 1,000$. The clearer the stone, the more prized it becomes.

There are various methods for cleaning the moonstones. One way is to soak them in seawater overnight.

Cleaning and charging the crystals under the moonlight on a full moon or new moon day are another way of cleaning it.

The moon has kept a lot of splendours veiled, and the moonstone has tangible influences on it. Moonstones are a magical combination of intuition, dreams and energy. It is highly recommended for nocturnal explorers and those who travel upon the water when the moon is shining.