Panna is the Local name of Emerald. Panna stones naturally occur in various beautiful shades of green, and are considered to be one among the top three gemstones in the world, following rubies and sapphires. They are also the costliest of gems and are extremely rare, and for these reasons could be more expensive than diamonds. The bluish-green hue of the Panna stone is mainly because of the mineral Beryl accumulated in it. According to astrological beliefs, the planet of Mercury wields power over this beautiful gemstone. As Mercury rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo, Panna gems are suitable for these signs. Like other precious stones, Panna stone is said to have fantastic healing powers associated with it. It is a known fact that wearing Panna gem heightens the intelligence and learning power of the wearer. Children are known to excel in their studies when they wear this magical stone. Panna gems also enhance the artistic abilities of the wearer, be it in music, painting, dance or any other forms of creative expression. The stone is said to have the power to make creative juices flow. It can also help in sharpening your communication skills and help you attain success in life. The stone is known to boost the thought processes, and a person will be able to express his words and thoughts more coherently and intelligently. Individuals in the business field will definitely benefit by wearing Panna gems because they fine-tune and heighten intuitive qualities. It is also known to heal some bodily ailments such as neurological and respiratory disorders.

A Panna stone bestows a mesmerizing aura, and the aesthetic value it provides makes it even more suitable for jewelry. Panna stones can be worn for positive vibes, wealth, happy marital life, prosperity, wisdom and health.