The shimmer of pearls has forever captured the hearts of women across the globe. Women of all times have been besotted with these precious little beauties from the depths of the ocean. Pearls have managed to capture the imagination of women through time and have found an irreplaceable place in their jewelry. In the jewelry industry, pearls are known for their versatility. Pearl jewelry is literally one of the most prized possessions a woman shall own, because apart from their beauty, they are also quite expensive.

An interesting fact about pearls is that pearl is the only gemstone, among the nine gemstones, to be procured from a living creature. Molluscs such as oysters and mussels produce pearls, so these are not created from the Earth’s crust like rubies or sapphires.

Even though shiny, smooth and rounded white pearls are the most sought after gems, pearls do come in a rich variety of sizes, shapes and even colors. Pink and black pearls, even though rare, are adored by women who love a little extra bling in their attires. Glistening pearls are universally appealing and this is the inevitable reason for their high popularity. Their beautiful shimmer is the reason why they are used in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Pearls look amazing when placed along with diamonds or other colored gemstones, as they make any ornament look exquisite.

Pearls are categorized as original, semi-cultured and cultured pearls, based on the way they are procured. Pink and black pearls are considered to be the ‘original’ variety and they are deemed priceless, given that they are truly rare. The ‘rice pearl’ is very popular among buyers because these have a stunning metallic luster which looks very attractive. Original variety of pearls may take up to two years to form whereas cultured pearls are made in around six months. The majority of gorgeous pearls seen in the markets are cultured pearls. The sight of pearls takes us back to the tales of the legendary pearl divers and reminds us of a mystical time. This allure of pearls has always enchanted celebrities, and continues to capture our imagination.