Crystal clear diamonds, striking green emeralds, and the adorable red ruby are the most commonly used gemstones. Blue sapphires can also be included in the list, but are you aware of a resplendent colour that this precious stone showcases?

Well, pink sapphire is a reality, and you can any day own a gorgeous necklace with an alluring pink rock in the centre.

Pink sapphires are available in a range of colours, varying from light to dark pink. There are also ones with purple and orange tints. They belong to the corundum family. The traces of iron, titanium, magnesium, copper and chromium are what determine the colour of pink sapphire. Notably, the higher the chromium constituent, the deeper is the pink colour.

Pink sapphires exhibit a unique colour. Hence people believe that it has special powers, it is supposed to bring emotional stability and lend intellectual strength to the wearer. Also, as pink is a romantic colour, it is worn to improve love and trust in a relationship.

Nowadays the pink sapphire is becoming extremely popular. It has started to replace diamonds in some engagement rings due to the mesmerizing colour along with the belief that the relationship will stay intact. One can find rings with a giant pink sapphire encircled with tiny diamonds. Also, there are simple rings embedded with diamonds and pink sapphires alternatively.

There are also great collections of pink sapphire sets. They come with a delicate chain with a pendant, a ring and a pair of earrings, all embedded with soothing pink sapphires. Ornate necklaces in this stone along with diamonds, can find a way to your wedding trousseau as well.

Madagascar mines are the leading producers of pink sapphires. Here they are abundant and affordable. However, they are also present in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and East Africa. Before the discovery of the Madagascar mines, pink sapphires were extremely rare.

The Pink sapphire also has a rare version of itself, it is extremely rare and lends an orangish pink colour. It was initially found in a Sri Lankan mine and hence was named after the Sinhalese word ‘Padma raga‘ which means ‘the colour of lotus’. This bewitching beauty can fetch anything above approximately $20,000 for a Carat.

When you venture out to buy pink sapphire, make sure to visit a certified jeweller. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a ruby stone and a deep pink sapphire stone. Hence you need a gemologist to help you.

Pink sapphires are not as costly as diamonds. But they still need a considerable amount of money to be spent. The criteria of their pricing are the cut, clarity, carat and shape.

Pink sapphires that are available in deep pink colours or with a purple tinge are the costliest. It would be worthwhile to note that pink sapphires undergo heat treatments to soften the purple hues. Hence the treated stones are acceptable and are not tarnished in value.

Clarity is an indication of the presence of the cracks and inclusions in the stone. If it is clear to the naked eye, it is bound to cost more. However, if there are no blemishes, be sure that you are holding a fake stone. The clarity of sapphire need not be checked with a magnifying lens as our eyes can do the task.

When it comes to cuts, a well-cut gemstone will exhibit light and luster and will cost more.

The love for pink is never-ending. So, why not include some of these in your collection.