Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is a highly precious gemstone of the corundum mineral family. As the name suggests, it is a bright yellow colored crystal clear stone. Pukhraj is found extensively in the regions of Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Russia, Brazil and Zimbabwe. This precious stone is considered to be one of the most recognized gemstones in astrology as it is the stone of Jupiter. Jupiter is the bearer of wisdom and fortune, so Yellow sapphire is considered auspicious. In what can be seen as a deviation from the past, Yellow Sapphire is slowly gaining popularity today and it is increasingly being used in engagement and wedding rings. Pukhraj used to be known only for its healing properties earlier, but today Pukhraj is seen gracing necklaces, pendants and bracelets for their sheer beauty. Yellow Sapphire is mostly used in gold jewelry as they complement each other. It is considered auspicious to present a Pukhraj to your better half on your wedding anniversary.

Yellow sapphires are comparatively cheaper compared to other gemstones, and their price may be varying. The value of each stone is determined by the cut, clarity, carat, treatment and origin of the gem. The stones that are brighter and yellow cost more in comparison to its counterparts. The Ceylon/Sri Lankan Pukhraj is the most preferred Yellow Sapphire due to its sheen, while Thailand/Bangkok Pukhraj may cost less as they lack the much-needed glow

There is an overload of fake gemstones in the market these days. As these fake stones may deceive unsuspecting customers, it is essential to be equipped with some basic understanding about this stone. Yellow sapphire is usually hard, heavy, large and crystal clear without any layers. It is also true that the color of this gem improves when rubbed against the wall. It is remarkably smooth and soft, and glides away when held in hands. The wisest and safest option for purchase of Pukhraj will always be from a reliable jeweler.