Rose Quartz is a prominent member of the Quartz family. This stone is often a beautiful sight to behold as it occurs in beautiful hues of soft, light and medium pink, and appears soothing to the eyes. Rose Quartz is found in abundance around the globe, but that does not tatter its image. This gem can be slightly cloudy and pigmented, and is generally not transparent. Rose Quartz is commercially excavated in Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Mozambique and USA. As stated above, these stones are extremely common and are found in large chunks. The mass availability of this gem makes it the first choice with not only jewelry designers, but also interior designers. The most common use of Rose Quartz is in the form of decorative elements such as spheres, beads, carvings etc. Countertops are often furnished with this semi-precious gem because these tend to be bacteria free

 Jewelry designers also cut these stones to make stunning pieces of ornaments as their color makes these stones ideal for beautiful ornaments. Rose Quarts is seen lavishly used in bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants and earrings. Rose Quartz is popularly known as a love stone and due to its healing properties. This stone is believed to attract love, health, happiness and warmth in the wearer heart and soul. It is cheap but still an impressive choice for jewelry and interior decor. The La Madona, which is a specimen of Rose Quartz, was sold at an enormous price of $662,500 at an auction held in 2013 at the Heritage Auctions, Dallas. People born in January can pair Rose Quartz with garnets, and this combination is said to bring prosperity. This soft pink stone has a special hue and can be paired with any clothing. It goes well with daily wears, and can also be worn during festivities along with the most extravagant attire.

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