A diamond solitaire presents the true beauty of a single diamond stone. The dazzle of the single solitaire stone has been winning the hearts of numerous women across the world. For years, diamond solitaire rings have been all the rage, and they are still the most popular choice for engagement rings.

If you think that a round shape is the most common style for a solitaire, you may be surprised to know that there are a variety of shapes of solitaires available in the market today, such as square, baguette, oval, emerald cut, heart-shaped, cushion, princess, radiant, marquise etc. Heart shaped diamond solitaire ring are usually the most coveted ones by men to gift their loved ones.

Along with its shape, the setting of solitaire is also very relevant because it decides the sparkle and dazzle of the diamond. Setting refers to the way the metal holds the solitaire in place. The style of the setting of solitaire on a ring also adds to the shimmer. This is mainly because the type of setting elevates the stone which allows light to pass through, making it glow.

Thanks to their everlasting elegance, a beautiful solitaire diamond ring is all what a man needs to sweep his lady love off her feet. Solitaires are symbols of pure royalty and class and will forever be loved by women.