Sunstone has become very popular of late and is desired by gem lovers due to various merits and properties that it associates itself with. It is indeed a stunning stone with the warmth of the sun and the fire of solar rays.

Sunstone is associated with a lot of desirable merits such as luck and good fortune. It is believed to instill good nature and allows the real self to shine through. It drives away anxiety, relieves stress and escalates vigor. It is a stone that is highly related to leadership, individual power, liberty and extended mindfulness. It reveals all the qualities of light and carries honesty, compassion, cordiality, power, conceptual precision and the readiness and capacity to grant blessings upon others. These qualities make the sunstone a very demanding one among the stone lovers.

Sunstone comes in several shades of gold, orange, red and brown. All these shades have the sparkle of sun. The color of the stone is primarily determined by the amount of copper content present in it. It is the copper content that imparts pink or reddish shades to the stone.

Sunstone is a feldspar gemstone with a shimmering appearance and its glimmer effect is due to the presence of the mineral Hematite. The central part of the stone is darker and it gets lighter as it moves towards the outer ends. Color can be different even within a stone. Based on the angle of reflection of light, various shades appear on the stone as well.

The value of the stone is determined by various factors such as transparency and the color of the stone. Colorless ones are usually less expensive and so are the yellow ones. The brighter the color the more expensive the stone is.

Bright red colored ones and bicolor ones are costlier. It has got a reasonable price range per Carat. It is an affordable stone as compared to many precious stones. The sun stones available in the market are in its original and natural form.

Sunstones are generally mined from many parts of the world like China, Norway, Canada, USA, Africa and Russia. Sunstone gems from the state of Oregon in the US are unique and are often declared as the official gemstone of Oregon. Visitors who come there would not go back without carrying a piece of sunstone with them. So the popularity of the sunstone from Oregon has spread across the world, and the jewellers of Oregon have also started promoting it among the residents and tourists of the place.

The cut of the stone is another vital factor that gives it the sparkle. It has to be cut skillfully and with care to bring out the maximum shine.

Sunstones look great on earrings, pendants and bracelets and they can be worn on any occasion. Sunstones embedded on a dangling earring can become the highlight of an evening party due to its aventurescence effect.

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